New Jeffrey Campbell Shoes!!!

Yes, this blog title has three exclamation marks because I’m just that damn excited!!!  Okay, okay I’ll stop.  I am waiting on my third and fourth pair of JC’s and I just can’t wait.  I ordered the Take2’s from Solestruck a few days ago and my first pair of LITA’s from Urban Outfitters just five minutes ago!

The take2’s are awesome, but what I’m really excited about are the Lita’s.  I don’t even know how or why I waited this long to get one.  Okay I lied.  It’s because I’ve always been waiting for it to go on sale but it never does and when I want to get them, they’re always sold out in my size.  So FML.  But today a miracle happened..Thanks to my awesomely fashionable sister-in-law, Resa who told me that Urban Outfitters was having a sale and that they have the black Lita’s in my size!  I was like OMGOMGOMG.

I spent so much this week with the camera and the shoes and all and I’ll probably be broke until the next two paychecks, but whatever.  It’s worth it, don’t you think?  I got the black one.

I'm drooling...

If you want one of these babies, just go to Urban Outfitters  because right now if you enter the promo code TAKEITOFF at checkout, you’ll get 20% from your order of $100 and I think they have free shipping on orders over $50.  You better get them while they’re hot, they sell out really fast!  Or you can also go to Solestruck , they have free shipping too.  Unfortunately, promo codes on Karmaloop do not apply to Jeffrey Campbell’s but if you enter the code DUKA at checkout you will get 20% off from your order.  I know it sucks that you can’t use it on Jeffrey campbell shoes but hey, it’s still 20% off from other awesome things.

You’re welcome.  😀


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