Fur Fox Tail


Le bf.

Arctic Fox Fur Tail

Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Can you see NYC skyline behind me?

I’m right across the river from Manhattan, NYC. The weather was super cold yesterday, specially when you’re near the water.

I’m wearing minimal make up on this day (only tinted moisturizer and mascara). I did curl my hair. OOhhh which reminds me that i have to tell you guys about this awesome hair product. It’s from the korean brand TheFaceShop. That’ll be another blog entry though.

You see my new fur tail? It’s sooo fluffy! Okay, I actually feed bad for the animal which the fur came from but I did not buy this. The one I bought is faux fur. You can see it here.

My sister-in-law got this real one for me. It’s freakin awesome though. It even moves like a real tail so I’m always stroking it.

Please don’t splash red paint on me.


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