My Bare Face! Bifesta Review


Happy New Year!

I was out celebrating New Years and when I got home, guess what’s the first thing I did?  Took pictures!  Yes, camwhored at first.

But alas!  It is all for a purpose to show you how I take my make up off at night.  And since I was wearing falsies too, I thought it would be the perfect time to do it.  So in this post will be a slideshow of me in the act of taking my makeup off and eventually revealing my bare skin!
And if you’re eating right now or easily grossed out then I advice you to turn away.  Exit this blog.  Now.  Okay fine, suit yourself. Do not blame me if you puke. Okay maybe not. It’s not that gross, it isn’t bodily waste or anything, it’s just make up!

I got this makeup remover from one my favorite store for all things cute and asian The New Kam Man store in chinatown.  It’s called Cleansing Express.  I recognized it because XiaXue blogged about it in an advertorial.  And I wanted to try it too!   And as she said, it is now called Bifesta and their company is exclusively dedicated to making only makeup removers/cleansers.  Their slogan is ready for bed as soon as possible- I hope so, because I’m pretty tired!

So here is my step by step process of makeup removal.  Let’s see if it works!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That was easy enough, wasn’t it?

I’ve tried different makeup removers before of different types.  Some are good, some are okay, but some are just terrible!

Among the good ones are the Neutrogena brand and TheFaceShop brand makeup remover wipes.  They worked pretty well.

Among the bad ones are the E.L.F make up remover wipes – I will never by them again.  They sucked.  I only used them to clean my brushes and they didn’t even do a good job.

The most terrible makeup remover I’ve ever tried is on I bought a few months ago from the same store I got the Cleansing Express one.  It’s the Naive Makeup Cleasing Oil from Kracie.  I believe its’s also from Japan.  Because it’s mostly just mineral oil, it burned the hell out of my eyes so I stopped using it on them.  I just used it on my face instead but that meant that I’d have to use another type of makeup remover for my eyes!  And It was just too oily that I usually had to wash my face repeatedly just to get rid of the oiliness!  And I still had my eye makeup to deal with. Ugh! It just didn’t make any sense!  Horrible. 😦

Now it’s just sitting in a corner collecting dust.  Sometimes I used it to moisturize my feet.  If you know any other uses for it, let me know!  Because I just wasted my money on that thing.

But Cleansing Express definitely falls into the good, if not great makeup remover category.

It’s just so easy to use and you can definitely be ready for bed as soon as possible.  You can wash your face after if you want.  I sometimes do, but you don’t have to because it doesn’t feel too uncomfortable or anything.  If i don’t wash my face, I just wet a cotton round and just wipe my eyes with it to ensure that no excess oil goes in.

Overall, i would rate this product a 8 out of ten.

What product do you use to remove your makeup?


2 thoughts on “My Bare Face! Bifesta Review

    • Really? I already love Hadalabo, maybe I will love the cleansing oil too. I’ll have to try it when I run out of Bifesta- that’s if I can find it in chinatown. 😉
      Thanks and it means a lot that you visited my blog.
      Thank You!!!

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